Callaway Strata Review For Golf Lovers

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It’s safe to say the Callaway Strata Golf Club Set is the best choice for novices for its incredible features and affordable price tag.

This is a 12-piece club set, which can meet almost the demands of newbies.

To help you get everything about this club set clearly, we would like to share our Callaway Strata review today.

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Strata Men’s Golf Packaged Set

(Regular 12-Piece)

Product highlights:

  • Designed for maximum performance
  • Lightweight 460cc forged driver
  • Stainless steel irons
  • Incredible accuracy

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Pros & Cons Review

Before we jump into the review of Callaway strata golf clubs, we should start with a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of this Strata golf club.


  • Big 460cc titanium driver with a large sweet spot
  • 5-hybrid for improving a tee box
  • Big irons with cavity backing offer a big sweet spot
  • Perimeter weighting keeps the shots on target


  • A big gap created between the 5-hybrid and driver as irons begin at the 6-iron
  • Missing lob wedge or sand


 Callaway’s Technical Specs Reviews

12-Piece Golf Club Set

Callaway Men's Strata Complete 12-Piece Golf Club Set with Bag ...

This collection comes with 3 kinds of wood, 4 irons, 1 wedge, 1 putter, and 1 stand bag.

It also includes 3 wood and 2 headcovers to protect the driver.

There is no doubt that golf novices should try this set for their game as it has all of the clubs that are needed for the start of golf.

460cc Titanium Driver

The 460cc driver with a big clubhead is quite essential since there aren’t any additional features on clubs.

That said, it still delivers a large sweet spot for great forgiveness off the tee box.

Multi-Pocket Stand Bag

The Callaway Strata Golf Club Set also features a durable stand bag with various pockets that can keep all the clubs of the set away from damages.

With 2 legs and a big shoulder strap, the bag is especially ideal for those who are eager to do some exercises when walking the course.

Plus, the bag also prevents the moisture in the ground from approaching the clubs inside.

And now it’s time for us to discover the features and benefits of the collection in today’s Callaway strata clubs review.

Features and Benefits For Golfer

#1: A 460cc Driver with Titanium Clubhead

Initially, we would start with the Callaway Strata driver review.

As you may know, most beginning golfers could not hit the driver consistently.

That’s why it is important for them to own a suitable driver.

The Callaway Strata has a titanium-made 460cc driver of 10.5 degrees.

It comes with a big clubhead, resulting in great forgiveness on off-center strikes and a wide sweet spot.

#2: A Helpful 3-wood

The Callaway Strata comes with a 15.5-degree three wood loft.

This turns it into a reliable club for every high handicapper who wants to use off-center strikes to get distance and consistency.

And it plays a vital role in improving their golfing skills.

With low-profiled three-wood of the Strata makes golf novices hit their balls for optimal distance to the air as well as carry on the drives.

Plus, with a 42-inch shaft, high handicappers could make improvements in their control and speed with the club over a longer driver.

In a nutshell, this feature could help them a lot on the course.

#3: A Great 5-hybrid

Though it is a bit challenging for golf newbies to hit a 5-hybrid rather than a 5-iron, this club offers a more reliable contact right at impact.

next, its construction allows a big clubhead sole to slide under the ball for better ball height and greater launch angle.

While you are trying to improve your golfing skill, the hybrid could become a helpful companion in the game that you could use on your tee shot.

With a 26-degree loft, this club is not different from the 6-iron much, except for the kind of the head that offers a more considerable advantage for beginning golfers rather than an iron.

#4: Irons with Cavity Backing

The Callaway comes with a total of four irons from the six-iron to the nine-iron.

All of them are backed by a cavity, which pushes extra steel to the clubhead outer rim for maximum forgiveness and better balance.

They are also an ideal tool to improve your golfing skills.

They are designed to help high handicappers to get their balls to the air and head to the target comfortably.

That’s all of our Callaway strata irons reviews.

Suffice it to say, for beginning golfers, the Strata’s irons offer a robust and durable option for the first irons set.

#5: Pitching Wedge with Perimeter Weighting

We would like to get an additional lob wedge or sand in the set though, the addition of the pitching wedge, which is lofted at 44 degrees is also nice at all.

Though it’s a bit higher than what we expected, it is still a helpful feature in the games.

It is designed to assist beginners in finding some accuracy and adding a bit of distance to their games.

#6: Blade Putter

The Callaway Strata features a blade putter that comes with steel in the back of the face.

This helps to balance as well as level the flat stick on the green.

And while many putters of other sets are struggling to offer exceptional job on the course,

the putter of the Strata appears to be an excellent performer in boosting straightforward roll as well as getting the balls to the cups.

Besides, the putter comes with a 35-inch shaft, which is enough for a putter off-the-shelf.

#7: Lightweight Stand Bag with Various Pockets

The club set features a lightweight bag with various pockets that can meet all your demands for extra necessities like towels, tees, balls, valuables, and rain gear.

It comes with 5 pockets, rain gear, a backpack strap, and a cooler pocket for cold drinks.

Plus, the bag has two robust legs that are ideal for those who seek small exercises when walking on the course.

Up next, it also keeps the clubs stay away from the moisture from reaching the club grips.

#8: Two Useful HeadCovers

This club collection provides two headcovers for the protection and cushioning of the top 2-woods.

As you may know, the headcovers play a quite critical role in the collection because the biggest clubs – woods are likely to get scratches during use.

That’s why head covers can lower the risks of damage to the woods so that you can use them for a longer time.

#9: A Complete Starter Golf Set for High Handicappers and Golf Novices

A complete collection of clubs is advantageous for high handicappers and golf novices.

It is because they do not need to track down each club.

Also, the set provides quite enough features for them to start their golf games.

Once again, the Callaway Strata offers 3 kinds of wood, 5-hybrid, 6-9 irons, 1 pitching wedge, and 1 blade putter.

And this ensemble can definitely meet the demand of new golfers to complete their rounds.

In a nutshell, if you just start your golfing journey and seek a golf set at an affordable price, this Strata golf club set is an ideal option for you.

#10: Extra Accessories Included

Along with the regular version with 12 pieces, the Callaway Strata is also available in two other options, including the 16-piece Strata Tour set, and a conventional 16-piece Strata.

The Tour can be considered as the largest variant which not only has more pieces than the 12-piece version but also handles some withdraws of its lower-end version.

Accordingly, the set comes with an additional sand wedge of 60 degrees, which has a bit more lofts than the regular sand wedge.

This will help newbies when their balls are in the sand or heavy rough.

Moreover, this version also has a 4-hybrid and 2 extra headcovers.

In the comparison of the conventional 16-piece Strata set and the Tour, the former comes with a lower-lofted sand wedge.

Furthermore, while it comes with a blade putter, the latter has a mallet-style putter.

What Others Are Saying About Callaway Strata

Along with our Callaway strata club set review, we would like to share with you some reviews of other users as follows.

“This golf club set helps new players hit the balls correctly and give more optimal forgiveness than the clubs of other starter sets.”

“It is a great collection of clubs whether you are a golf newbie or have been playing for a while! I started to play golf around 15 years ago. I have been playing all the time with this golf set. I was impressed by how the clubs of the set performed. I am not a professional by any means. I play golf to just keep my body fit every time. I am not able to break a 100 score. In general, this starter golf set is a very good bang for the buck.”

“It is a value for a money golf set. It comes with a high-quality bag with lots of pockets, so I could put a lot of things inside. Such a great thing! Meanwhile, the club heads seem a bit soft as mark up easy after various rounds, but there is no true damage. Also, I could do with some lower irons. Therefore, I would highly recommend this collection for starters, high handicappers to play. This is a great deal to start playing golf.”

“Admitted, it is a great beginner golf set. I recently began playing golf and wanted a cool collection of golf clubs that I could quickly learn to play with. I have been using the set for about six months and have not had any complaints yet. They are an excellent set for anyone who just starts to learn how to play golf.”

So, we have partly done some parts in the Callaway golf strata review. In case you want to consult some other golf sets with similar performance as this Strata club set, you could take the following option right below into consideration.

Three Alternatives Callaway Strata

Wilson SGI Golf Set

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We call this club set a complete set for a sleek and professional look. This set features 3 kinds of wood that deliver an incredible feel at impact and help a lot on the fairway and the tee box.

Plus, the collection also features six irons comprising of a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, making it become a comprehensive set for golf novices.

In short, the Wilson SGI comes with 2 wedges, 3 kinds of wood, 4 irons, a blade putter, two head covers, and a stand bag. One of its notable features is excellent accessories such as protective head covers and a sturdy stand bag.

However, its driver is lofted at only 10.5 degrees, which is a letdown for beginners. This is because they want to be supported in the launch angle and the height of the balls on the drives.

Precise NX460 Golf Club Set

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Another alternative to the Strata is the Precise NX460.

This is an ideal choice for beginning golfers who are seeking a collection that comes at an affordable price but still delivers an acceptable performance on the golf games.

This set features 3 superior kinds of wood with various lofts, optimal forgiveness, and a wide sweet spot.

On top of that, the Precise NX460 also provides a lightweight bag equipped with a robust should strap system, making it comfortable to bring along the course.

Furthermore, it also comes with several helpful accessories like rain gear, head covers, and so on.

To cap the set, it has 1 pitching head, 2 headcovers, 1 stand bag, 1 mallet-styled putter, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 5 irons, and of course, 1 driver.

The only point that this set needs to be improved is its putter which is quite strange in construction.

Also, it does not provide a good feel at impact like the Wilson SGI.

Callaway Solaire Sport Complete Set (11 Piece)

See Latest Price

This might be the right set for the new female golfers. In general, the set comes with a driver, 5-6 hybrids, 3 kinds of wood, 7-9 irons, 1 sand wedge, 1 pitching wedge, and 1 putter.

Regarding the notable features, the collection features an outstanding bag and head covers, which helps female golfers promote their styles on the course.

Plus, the golf club set comes in high-end design and performance, which helps them to hit the best shots on the course.

Still, there is one thing that undermines the performance of this set.

Accordingly, those who want to hit special shots might have to search for more golf club options.

FAQ’s By Players

Who is suitable for the Callaway Strata golf club set?

Ideally, this club set is ideal for those who are beginning golfers and high handicappers.

The starter set includes all necessary clubs for golfers to get the tee box with no obstacles.

Regularly, golf novices could not make use of each club of golf set right away.

It would be better if they buy the clubs with high lofts that could be used efficiently and comfortably.

And that’s why starter golf sets are a smart choice for beginning golfers as this group provides them many clubs in the mold to select.

Still, it is not ideal for skilled golfers or mid-handicappers to own a starter set as it surely cannot meet the demands of this golf level.

Does the Callaway Strata have more than two wedges?

You might not know this, but the notable difference among different starter golf sets is the number of wedges.

Most experienced golfers could carry 4 wedges in the stand bag, but a starter set does not have more than 2 wedges.

Most starter sets typically have just a wedge, which results in various problems that somehow affect the learning progress of beginning golfers.

The reason lies in the fact that wedges are the clubs that have the highest lofts in the set.

That’s why they are effortless to hit, and golf newbies could benefit from this feature.

Still, as most manufacturers strive to cut down the costs, they could not include more than one wedge in the starter set.

What actually could I put in a stand bag?

A stand bag is an essential factor that you need to consider before making a buying decision.

A multi-pocked bag is such an excellent choice for golf novices.

With it, you can put any extra necessities you need for your golf games such as rain gear, valuables, balls, tees, and many other things.

What are lofts of the woods available in the golf set?

For golf novices, it would be best if they find clubs with high lofts as they will help them get a better launch angle and ball height on the drives.

There are three kinds of wood in the Strata set.

The first one is a titanium-made 10.5-degree driver with a 460cc clubhead. Meanwhile, the others include a 5-hybrid sitting at 25 degrees, and 15-degree fairway wood.

Could I buy additional clubs that would match the set?

It is sold as a complete golf set, and individual clubs aren’t available for buying separately.

What are the shafts, stiff or regular?

Well, shafts are regular flex.

Almost all sets in the affordable price range will have a regular flex shaft.

Only when you buy a higher-end golf club set, you could find stiff flex shafts available.

Does the Callaway Strata golf club set come with stainless steel shaft?

This golf set offers graphite and stainless steel combo.

While the putter and irons are steel, the other clubs are made of graphite

What to Look for When Buying A Complete Set Of Clubs

You have just finished our Callaway Strata 12 review. But before making a final decision, it would be better if you get clear about the following factors, which significantly affect the overall performance of the collection.


Regularly, beginning golfers should seek a complete starter club set that includes 2-4 kinds of wood.

You will find that a golf set will comes with a driver of various sizes.

Still, the most common volume is a 460cc clubhead.

Also, it is recommended for you to find some fairway woods such as 3-wood, which will help you a lot in hitting the balls into the air at impact.

Lastly, the wood collection also needs to have a hybrid.

The above woods are not as big as the fairway woods and drivers since they hope to take the place of low iron with a club, which is easy to hit and delivers more success to high handicappers.


Another critical factor for a starter golf club set is irons.

Most collections start with 5-6 irons and end with 9 iron. And many of which are cavity-backed and have wide soles on their bottom.

Also, the perimeter weighting offers maximum forgiveness off the tee box.

Moreover, not only do you need to know how many irons in the golf club set, but you also need to figure out their style and the way they fit into your future.


Wedges play a critical role in helping golfers to get their balls closer to the cup.

Also, they need to be able to slide underneath the ball for the contact at impact and a higher flight.

Only a few club sets will have both sand and pitching wedges.


The highlight of the out-of-the-box set is that they mostly come with headcovers and a stand bag.

With a multi-pocket stand bag, golf novices could bring a lot of things they need to the course like rain gear, valuables, balls, tees, and so on.

Besides, a durable bag is a crucial thing that helps the clubs dry and stay away from the moisture of the ground.

The headcovers provide a protective layer for the woods, keeping them clean and avoid damages to their look and performance.

Final Thoughts Callaway Strata Review

So we have gone through our Callaway Strata review.

In short, the set is equipped with everything you need for starting golfing such as driver, irons, wedge, putter, bag, head cover, and so on.

We believe this golf set could be your trustworthy company in the journey of becoming a professional golfer.

We hope our Callaway strata 12 piece review could help you get a complete understanding of this set.

Thank you for reading.

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