Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid Iron Set Review

In the past, golf was considered a prestigious sport, mainly popular among the noble and wealthy.

However, the past has changed, as nowadays, golf has become one of the most favorite recreational activities that anyone can take up.

For an amateur player, all you need for a golf game is a quality golf club, balls, and a playing field.

And if you are a frequent golf player, Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid Iron Combo Set is sure to be a household name!

So how is this golf club so popular? Keep reading our article to find out more about it.

Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid Iron Combo Set

Product Highlights:

  • Attractive and stylish design
  • With an impressive rate of launch and spin
  • Uses technological Artificial intelligence
  • The great stability and high speed

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Pros And Cons


  • Provides players with an impressive rate of launch and spin
  • Boasts a great set of hybrids and irons
  • Proves to be easy to hit and gives an excellent distance.
  • Shows an attractive and stylish design
  • Ensures great stability and high speed
  • Promotes long carry and soft landings
  • Uses technological advances like Artificial intelligence
  • Designed with urethane microspheres


  • Suitable for the right-handed players only
  • Shorter than the standard
  • Unappealing body

 Key Features

Callaway MAVRIK MAX Irons Review - The Best SGI Option?

Flash face cup

What makes the Marvik Max Hybrid Iron Golf Club stand out from other products is its unique face cup, designed with the latest technological advances.

It is the first time that golf manufacturers have ever applied Artificial Intelligence into an iron, and got the most beautiful results.

The unique, up-to-the-minute exterior of every loft directly impacts the balls’ movement by boosting the speed and increasing the spin rate of every iron.

Thanks to this feature, golf players are likely to have a better ball feeling and give more accurate shots.

Tungsten energy core

Boasting the custom weight, the tungsten allows players to precisely identify and locate the center of gravity’s position while enabling them to put the ball speed under control in the flash face cup.

With the support of the custom weighted tungsten, you stand a golden chance of delivering the maximum launch and ball flight and maintaining your favorite spin rates, trajectory, and landing angles.

Urethane microspheres

Besides those two impressive features above, Urethane Microspheres is thoughtfully implemented, as this proprietary creation is designed to absorb the unwanted vibrations, disorientating the ball’s direction.

Moreover, this feature also improves the sound and ball feel, making players have a more accurate shot while retaining the optimum COR for the overwhelming ball speed.

Build Quality & Durability

Callaway Mavrik Irons and Hybrids | MyGolfSpy

Not only does Callaway Mavrik Hybrid take the world by storm with an ideal combination of speed, stability, and CG placement, ensuring you easy launch, soft landings, but its strong and sturdy construction is another attraction.

Instead of being made from stiff and unforgiving steel like other golf shafts, the Callaway shaft is made entirely from graphite, contributing to a lightweight and highly flexible shaft.

Due to this material, the shaft can save players from hand or wrist fatigue, while reducing the vibration rate and increasing the swing speed.

Besides, the golf club seems to be stronger and can withstand intense shots thanks to its graphite use.

Moreover, the high-strength steel face enables you to make strong ball shots with a high level of accuracy, while the grip is made from a special rubber, reducing the possibility of hand fatigue or agony and promising long-lasting use.

Another point deserving attention is the hosel and ferrule connecting the flash face and the shaft as both have been tightened and attached properly to each other as well as the rest of the club.

They are sure to prevent other parts from slipping and breaking.

Value For Money

It is always challenging for golf players, especially beginners, to choose a suitable golf club.

And that’s where the Callaway Mavrik set comes around. It’s a brilliant choice for amateur and professional players thanks to the advanced and modern technology and well-designed and strong construction.

For this reason, without a shade of doubt, this product is value for money and worth your try!

Great Alternatives

If the Callaway golf club somehow fails to resonate with all your needs, three other alternatives may be of big help when needed.

Being a left-handed player, thus unable to comfortably and conveniently play with the Callaway?

1- TaylorMade M4 Combo set

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The TaylorMade M4 Combo set is an ideal choice.

Like the Callaway, this one has a strong and sturdy construction, but it doesn’t come with a stylish and eye-catching look.

However, designed for the left-handed player, this product undoubtedly gives you a chance to show off your skills while helping you upgrade your game.

2- Cobra Golf Men’s King F7 Hybrid-Iron Combo set

For those on a tight budget, yet desire to own an equally effective golf club like the Callaway.

Cobra Golf Men’s King F7 Hybrid-Iron Combo set is highly recommended.

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In detail, the 2017 Cobra Golf Men’s King F7 comes at a relatively low price, yet, gives you similar features as the high-end models.

Compared to the Callaway, this product helps you make long-distance and accurate shots while maintaining a high level of balance and control.


Can I get 7h instead of 7 Iron?

When purchasing a Callaway golf club, you are provided with a seven iron.

However, if you want a seven hybrid, you need to order it individually, as it is not a part of the product.

Do the hybrids have a headcover?

Most hybrids come with a headcover to be properly stored and protected from dangerous external factors like wear and tear, and avoid scratches.

If your golf club doesn’t include a headcover, it would be best to buy one as a protection pad.

Do all the clubs come with graphite shafts?

Each type of shaft is made from a specific material, including steel, graphite, and iron.

Therefore, it’s up to you to order your favorite shaft with a suitable material.

However, we highly advise you to buy a graphite shaft, as it is lightweight, handy, and durable.

Is Callaway Golf Club designed for the left-handers?

As a versatile and handy golf club, this product is designed for both the right and left-handers.

Any player can experience its beautiful features, so this golf club is still an ideal choice if you are not a right-handed player.

What clubs come with this combo set?

There are four clubs in total. They are iron 3,4,5 pitching wedges.

The longer the pitching wedge is, the more accurate and long-distance the shots become.

However, an iron 5 pitching wedge is more difficult to control than the other two ones.

Therefore, you should base on your skills to choose the best one.


We bet that after looking through our article on Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid Iron Combo Set, you have gained all the needed information about this quality product and decided whether to purchase one or not.

With such beautiful features mentioned above, it will never fail to satisfy your needs.

And now, let’s buy this quality golf club, experience its overwhelming performance, and have a whale of a time playing with your beloved.

You will be surprised by the wonderful results!

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