Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Driver Review

Have you ever heard of the name Mavrik?

This is the exclusive product from the Callaway brand and is now in high demand in the nowadays market.

If you are planning to get a driver, no doubt this is one of the things you should spare a moment to check out.

This is why today we present you with this ultimate Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Driver review.

Let’s see if this could be a good choice for you or not.

Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Driver

Product highlight:

  • Light FS2S Titanium material
  • T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown
  • New A. I Flash Face (SS20) design
  • Easy to swing the club.
  • Interchangeable weights (14 grams and 2 grams)

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  • Interchangeable weights (14 grams and 2 grams)
  • Light FS2S Titanium material
  • New A. I Flash Face (SS20) design
  • T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown
  • 2 Jailbreak bars
  • 460cc head size
  • Roundhead shape


  • High price
  • The color seems to not be appealing


Features & Benefits

Callaway MAVRIK and MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver review

Latest A.I. styled Flash Face (SS20) for Ball Speeds All Across The Face

The first thing that makes this driver different from other Callaway products is the Flash Face (SS2O) design.

With this newest style, the driver can increase the speed of the golf ball, sending it flying across a super wide space on the golf field.

Powerful FS2S Titanium as material for performing consistently

The powerful FS2S Titanium material is the second significant trait that we have to look at.

Unlike traditional titanium, this new FS2S material is under 6 grams.

Therefore, you can hold and swing it easier.

That means also that you are able to increase your swing force and deliver a shot empowered by exceptional speed, high forgiveness, and spin strength.

Jailbreak plus T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown for Ball Speed + high forgiveness

Of course, it is such a miss if we do not mention the 2 internal Jailbreak bars and the T2C Triaxial Carbon crown.

In detail, you can use these 2 bars to attach the sole with the Carbon crown and make sure they stay there.

As the Carbon crown is super light, high forgiveness is now just a breeze!

Interchangeable Weights for Fining Tune Ball Flight

Another outstanding feature of the product is the interchangeable weight.

One is 14 grams in weight and the other is merely 2 grams.

In order to control the ball flight, you should place them at the heel or the rear near the sole of the driver.

If you need max forgiveness, the 14gram one should be put at the rear.

On the other side, placing it at the heel will help you achieve a max draw.

Design and Technology

Callaway Mavrik Max Review | Equipment Reviews | Today's Golfer

Among all the product series of Mavrik, Max driver is probably the one and only managing to take most users by the storm.

And it should also be mentioned that its size is much larger than the rest.

Why is that? This driver type manufacturer uses 460 cc technology, giving it a larger head design.

Besides, Max is manufactured according to the legal limits and guarantees the standard of a normal Mavrik.

At address, this Mavrik driver has a straight line and the crown extends back and down towards the lawn.

It is a certainty rousing look. And it seems to be big, but do not worry, it is easy to use.



As we have mentioned above, this driver is designed with an A.I. Flash Face for ball speed across wide areas.

And you may not have known, but this style is unique to every single model of Callaway’s Mavrik series.

For example, we have tried applying this Max Driver to our Club Champion.

In spite of the fact that we did not swing our club at the strongest force, the ball still flew really fast!

Another great point about this driver lies in its weight.

Because the new FS2S Titanium material and the T2C Triaxial Carbon crown are just barely somewhere above a feather when being put on a scale, you will feel quite easy to swing the club.

In fact, due to this lightweight, we were able to deliver the club at our highest force.

As a result, the golf ball flew very fastly.

Thinking before buying

We believe that after reading this review, you will want to get it right away, right?

Well! There are still some important things that you need to consider before adding it to your personal golf toolkit. Let’s see what they are.

Head size

The bigger the head size of the driver is, the better you can launch the ball.

According to the United States Golf Association, the biggest driver head is about 460cc heavy – and what a pleasant coincidence, this is about just the same weight as this Mavrik Max Driver.

Head shape

Typically, there are two shapes of the driver’s head.

One is round, and the other is square.

If you compare them together, the round shape is more likely to be the choice here because it is not so clunky as the square one.

Of course, this Mavrik club is designed with this very shape.

So no matter if you are a starter or a professional, you can use this item with little effort.

Interchangeable weights

By adding and detaching the interchangeable weights, you can control the forgiveness and the ball speed when swinging the club.

Luckily, the Max Driver has this feature as it comes along with 2 different interchangeable weights (14 grams and 2 grams).

3 Alternatives

Other than this Mavrik Max Driver, we also have 3 different products that you might take an interest in.

Why don’t you take a brief tour and see what they have to offer?

TaylorMade M6 Driver

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If the Mavrik Max Driver is famous because of its A. I Flash Face SS20 style, then this TaylorMade M6 Driver attracts its users by its Twist Face design.

The cool thing is, this twist face design can work to decrease the spin of the ball on two sides.

As a result, the ball will be able to fly straight to the destination after you hit it.

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

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This Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver is suitable for any advanced player who has the tendency to launch the ball at a low angle.

With the HI bore Crown design, the driver can decrease the CG (center of gravity) on the clubhead by 2.2 mm.

Therefore, you will have the best CG condition to launch the bar into the air.

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver

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In case ball speed is all that you care about, then this Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver will meet your needs.

Featuring 2 internal stiff bars, this driver can keep the crown and sole to stay close together in order to create a more impact load on the clubhead.

As a consequence, you can hit the ball at the highest force, making the ball fly at a super-fast speed!


What is the difference between the two types of shaft: 50g and 60g?

The weight of the shaft affects the performance of the driver’s hardness, and the heavier is always better in this case.

Which shaft is more flexible and easy to use?

It is difficult to answer this question exactly.

On Callaway’s official website, you can choose from one of four different shafts.

Do not worry when you do not know how to decide to buy it.

Callaway will brief you on the differences between each, and they will be extra specific about the stiffness.

So, based on your needs, you may have an answer for yourself.

Can you buy this Max driver with a shorter shaft?

Of course. If you have any custom the shaft needs, contact the dealer, or make a note when you order.

They will then deliver the product as you desire.

What type of grip should I choose?

The grip is the part that the player uses to hit the ball. The grip of golf clubs is made of three materials: rubber, plastic, and leather.

Each material will have its own advantages.

  • Rubber is usually light and the cheapest
  • Plastic has very good durability
  • The leather feels smooth and comfortable

Final words

As you can see, the Mavrik Max Driver is really a good option to equip your golf club, right?

If you like this driver’s modern features, then buy it right away!

We promise that your golf skill will leap to a much higher level now that it is at your service!!

And now, our Callaway golf Mavrik Max Driver review will come to an end.

Many thanks for having read!

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