Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver Review

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You know what?

If you are looking at the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver, you might know it is an ideal option for those who seek more accuracy and control off the tee.

So in fact, how does it perform?

To give you a complete look at it, we do an in-depth Big Bertha Fusion driver review for your consideration before making a buying decision.

Let’s get started!

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

Product highlights:

  • Fusion technology for maximum forgiveness
  • Innovative exo-cage
  • More head speed & distance
  • High-performance shaft options

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Pros & Cons


  • Deliver great forgiveness
  • Excellent Exo cage and triaxial carbon in tandem
  • Solid feeling at impact with high stability
  • Offer necessary adjustability in terms of lie angle and loft


  • Expensive
  • Lack of a bit distance


Design and Technology Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver Reviews

First Look: Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver | MyGolfSpy


Taking a glance at the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion, you will first notice its shape.

The drivers come with a triangular design that is more aerodynamic in order to boost the speed of the clubhead.

Plus, it also features rounded edges to retain a best appeal.

Along with shape, the driver’s crown is quite busy with white and red graphics on its edges,

Speed step at the leading edge and carbon fiber look. While this is done perfectly and in proper proportion, the drivers will draw much more attention from the pro-tech crowd than traditionalists.

When it comes to the key technology of the drivers, this one features an aerospace-level titanium exoskeleton dubbed an Exo Cage.

It is paired with the crown and triaxial carbon sole.

You might not know this, but triaxial carbon is more than 65% less dense than titanium and over 35% thinner than composite.

This will let the engineers of the brand relocate 35 g inside the clubhead in order to optimize CG and boost the MOI.

In addition, the head’s triangular shaping could raise the MOI more.

And to reach the optimal speed, the Speed Step is put in the front of the crown in order to cut the aerodynamic drag.

Features & Benefits Review Of Callaway Golf Fusion Driver


Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver Review - Best Golf Drivers Reviews

One of the highlights of it is its fuses Exo Cage made of titanium with a lightweight triaxial carbon crown and sole.

This helps create stability and forgiveness as well as promotes longer and straighter drives.

Plus, the Exo Cage could also help reposition the weight for better forgiveness and swing speed in order to enhance distance and accuracy.

Besides, as it comes with Speed Step, a breakthrough technology designed with the help of aerospace specialists, the drivers could limit drag, promoting quicker swing speed for better distance.

Last but not least, the Callaway Fusion driver comes with various high-performance shaft choices.

Accordingly, you could choose a new Mitsubishi Diamana Red Board of 60g or the first-ever Recoil shaft from UST in the driver. Both are created for enhanced accuracy and distance.


The first thing we are impressed with the driver is that it comes with incredible forgiveness.

Thanks to that, you could swing freely as well as in sync.

Plus, the distance is still impressive on well-struck drives.

It feels quite lightweight to swing though you might think the head shape could not make it quickly through the air.

Nevertheless, it is supported by the introduction of the driver’s crown called Speed Step, reducing the aerodynamic drag significantly.

Another notable highlight of the driver is its low spin and spin number consistency.

As you may know, if a driver is more forgiving, it tends to get a higher spin.

That said, for the Big Bertha Fusion driver, it comes with a quite low spin at all.

There are various fitting options the brand is providing with the Fusion driver.

Initially, we would mention the length. You could get it at 44.5 inch or 45.5 inches length.

We find that the shorter variant probably produces a better distance for you if you could not keep it longer on the sweet spot.

Not to mention, there are also 3 stock shafts, including an MRC Diamana M+ and 2 UST Recoil shafts.

They weigh from 46-60 grams. Ultimately, with 3 different heads and adjustability, you could hit lofts from 8-15.5 degrees.

Thinking Before Buying The Callaway Fusion Driver

You have known our review about the Callaway Fusion driver, but hold on!

Do not go anywhere and keep reading to know some points that you should consider before purchasing it.

Firstly, as mentioned above, it could offer great forgiveness with less spin.

Therefore, if you are seeking a driver with a balance of distance, forgiveness, and spin, you should skip this option.

Plus, the Fusion driver comes with quite an expensive price tag.

Therefore, it would be best if you think about your budget carefully before buying it.

Alternatives Callaway Drivers Reviews

With its best features and design of the Callaway Fusion driver, you could put your faith in its performance.

But in case you want to compare it with other models, we have compiled a shortlist of four alternatives you could consider at follows reviews.

#1. Cobra King Ltd Driver

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  • Deliver great forgiveness with lower spin
  • Provide great launch on the off-center strikes
  • Consistent distance and accuracy


  • Need to improve pitching wedge shaft
  • Limited assistance of alignment

#2. TaylorMade Rocketballz RBZ Driver

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  • Great quality and design
  • Deliver ideal forgiveness
  • Lightweight design and good aerodynamics to boost the speed


  • Too high launch

#3. Callaway Epic Flash Driver

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  • Fast ball flight speed
  • Adjustable slider and weights
  • Carry long distance


  • The distracting grey line on the driver’s crown
  • Irritated high-pitched sound
  • Fairly limited adjustability

#4. GX7 Driver

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  • Increase swing speed and good contact at impact due to a shorter shaft
  • Versatile from fairway or tee
  • The lower gravity center offers a good lift from off the lawn


  • No adjustable settings


What are the differences between the 50G and the 40G shaft?

The 50G shaft is standard, while the 40G shaft is a custom build. We recommend you to use the 50G for the best distance and directions.

Does it come with a club headcover?

We are afraid it does not. But if you want to get one, you could check with another supplier for it.

Do the drivers have an adjustment tool?

Well, we would say it does have an adjustment wrench.

Final Thoughts

So you have got all about our Big Bertha Fusion Driver review.

In short, it is a good choice if you want to enhance your forgiveness and stability.

We hope you will find this article helpful in searching for a complete review of it before making a deals decision.

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