CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart Review

You should never spend cheap on a golf pushcart.

Any true golf enthusiast understands that it’s not just an expense but also a valuable investment.

But you don’t need to pay through the nose as well.

For example, with a model like the SuperLite Deluxe, you can have multiple premium features at a reasonable price.

Let’s see how they can manage that in our CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe golf push cart review below.

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf

Push Cart

Product highlights:

  • Mesh net on the handle
  • Basket net for miscellaneous
  • Umbrella holder
  • Front-wheel alignment mechanism
  • Smooth-rolling and perfect traction

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  • Dimensions at extended form (inch): 53.5 (height), 27.2 (width), 45.67 (length)
  • Weight: 12.2 pounds
  • Wheels: 2 10.5-inch rear tires and an 8-inch front tire, all maintenance-free
  • Patented foot brake
  • Accessories: a beverage holder, a mesh net basket, and an umbrella holder included


  • Lightweight, under 13 pounds
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to push on all kinds of terrain
  • Maintenance-free tires


  • The loose knobs may need to be tightened frequently
  • The brakes are hard to use when you wear shoes with soft or bendable soles
  • The position of the beverage holder is not convenient


Design and Durability

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart Review: Best 3 Wheel Golf ...

This is a lightweight 3-wheel golf pushcart.

From the first look, the CaddyTek may give you the impression that it’s a delicate product.

But actually, it’s not.

This golf cart is designed for rough or steep terrains – something we can’t always say about other models.

CaddyTek has used aluminum to make the mainframe in order to provide both strength and lightness in a single product.

You can practically expect this sturdy golf cart to serve you well for a few years.

In addition, you can attach other attachments to this frame, such as the umbrella holder,

the mesh storage, and the beverage holder – all of which is included in the box.

And from Version 3, CaddyTek also provides another miscellaneous bag to boot.

Wheels : Caddytek - Superlite Deluxe Golf Push Cart ...

Wheels are often what we check on first since they are the main factor behind the reliability and the stability of a golf pushcart.

As we have mentioned, it is a 3-wheel model,

which means we must sacrifice at least some level of stability compared to 4-wheel carts.

But by saying that we don’t mean this cart is unstable.

Thanks to the 8-inch front tire and two 11-inch on the back,

the SuperLite Deluxe is quite stable when pushed in different terrains.

Even when parked, the chance of it tipping over is also fairly small.

And just this 3-wheel design gives this one great maneuverability

that every golfer would love to have in a pushcart.

You can move and turn it effortlessly under all conditions.

The airless tires are the cherry on top, which means they are maintenance-free and you no longer need to deal with flat tires.


Like any golf pushcart, you can store all kinds of golf bags in the brackets of the CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe.

They come with elastic straps to stretch and expand, which help keep and secure your stand bags or cart bags in place.

Together with the bags, it can hold a lot of things, from scorecards, balls, to tees and clubs.

And if you ever need something to keep your umbrella or a can of energy drink,

just take advantage of the accessories CaddyTek provides when you buy it.

They include a mesh net, a beverage holder, and an umbrella holder.

They are not some useless toys but can actually be well-crafted tools.

For example, the umbrella holder has a knob that you can use to loosen or tighten the shaft of the umbrella quickly.

Size and Weight

The SuperLite Deluxe weighs only about 12.2 pounds and it is considered as one of the lightest golf pushcarts.

This is why you can effortlessly move it around the golf course – a big deal when you want to play multiple rounds.

As golf players just like you, we understand that no one wants to push a heavy cart with sweat under their shirt on a hot summer day!

And this weight doesn’t also comprise the overall stability of the cart, as we have pointed out from the design of the wheels above.

Unless you put it in the middle of a storm, it can stand up against windy days or accidental pushes just fine.

On top of that, the wide-body design (27.2 inches) also makes pushing even easier.


The handlebar is comfortable to hold thanks to the layer of foam used to cover it.

It’s ergonomic padded to make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable in any way when moving between places on the golf course.

You can also adjust the length of this handle to four pushing positions, making it a perfect choice for multiple users with different heights.


The brake is a unique feature in the SuperLite Deluxe, where CaddyTek has equipped a patented braking mechanism.

The primary goal of this system is to provide an easy-to-use brake that can work well in all kinds of terrains.

You just need to push a button in order to stop your cart, and similarly, pushing it again to release the brake.

They are straightforward if you have a pair of golf shoes.

But keep in mind that many people that wear shoes with soft or bendable soles have reported some difficulties with this braking mechanism.


When folded, it only measures 18.11 x 16.14 x 33.46 inches – much smaller than most carts on the market.

We can attribute this compact size to the removable rear wheels – a brilliant design to make it more convenient to store your golf push cart in a limited space.

The single-step folding mechanism is straightforward as well,

which only involves the front wheel and the handlebar.


If I attach the golf bag to the cart when it’s folded, will it fall over?

The good news is that the CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe can stand upright when you place your golf bag in it.

How can I fold this golf cart in order to put it in the trunk?

You need to fold the front wheel to the handle first, then you can push the button on this wheel to disengage.

With this, you can pull the front wheel towards the rear easily.

Can I fit it into a travel bag?

If you remove the rear wheels first, putting the entire cart to a standard travel bag is possible.

But we don’t think this is necessary at all since you can store it in your car instead.

What accessories come with this cart?

CaddyTek will provide a mesh net basket, an umbrella holder, and a beverage holder in the SuperLite Deluxe.


From our CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe golf push cart review,

you can see that this model has struck a perfect balance between quality and convenience.

All the moving, braking and folding steps require minimal effort and time from you – an essential aspect of any quality golf cart, not to mention all the goodies that CaddyTek provides in the box.

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