C3I Wedge Review

Did you know?

The C3i wedge has been in the spotlight since it was introduced in Golf Digest for the first time.

However, many feel doubtful about the quality of this sand wedge.

Will it meet all your expectations of a top-notch club that aids in wedge shots and stops fat shots?

Find the answer here in our C3i wedge review.

C3i Wedge

“You might be fed up with all the advertisements about the C3i wedge, but you cannot deny its quality!”

Product highlights:

  • Supports both left and right hands
  • Reduces interaction with the ground
  • Specially-engineered
  • Legal for tournaments

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  • It can glide through sand effortlessly without digging or skipping
  • It has tight grooves and high spin rates
  • It will launch higher than traditional wedges
  • It has a sleek and stylish black finish that reduces glare


  • It might limit the versatility of your shots
  • It is not suitable for the low handicapper

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Who Is This C3i Club For?

We believe that beginners and high handicappers can make the most out of the considerable benefits

of this club considering the construction and the face.

Mid handicappers who struggle with wedge shots should give it a try as well.

However, the C3i wedge might not be suitable for advanced golfers of low handicappers as

they demand more control and playability from a club.

Technical Specs

Dimension 59.1 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches
Shipping Weight 1 pound
Hand Orientation Left and right
Shaft Material Stainless Steel
Golf Club Flex Wedge
Golf Club Loft 55, 59, and 65 degrees
Brand Autopilot

Things To Consider Before Buying

Find The Right Wedge For Your Bag

This certainly takes a lot of time, but it is worth your time and effort.

Choosing the right equipment from the beginning will help you advance faster and save time in the long run.

You will need to educate yourself on technical terms like loft, bounce, and sole grinds.

For example, you can start by learning about the influence of loft over your shots.

Knowing your yardage with each club is also useful when choosing the best wedge for yourself.

For a beginner player, you will need to cover 15 yardages through 125 yards on the golf course.

Understand How Bounce Influences Quality Of Impact

Bounce is another important rating of a wedge that not many amateurs know well.

Simply put, bounce indicates the width of the sole and the impact of the club on the turf around the green.

Typically, high bounce wedges will come with wider soles to improve the contact and prevent twisting.

Understand How Grooves Impact Spin

Spin means to control, so the higher the rate of spin, the better.

When you shop for a suitable wedge, you should analyze the grooves on the surface as the sharp grooves can produce high rates of spin.

Some trusted brands like Titleist, Callaway, Cleveland, etc. are famous for their razor-sharp grooves.

Main Features & Benefits


Auto-Glide Xtreme Sole – Crisp Contact

The best thing about this C3i wedge is probably the Auto-glide Xtreme Sole,

which allows the wedge to slice through the sand smoothly without digging or skipping.

Also, the sole facilitates distance and forgiveness via the sweet spot.

Even the best wedges from famous brands can hardly compare to this one regarding these two terms.

Optimized Center Of Gravity – High Launch Angle

The center of gravity of the C3i is changed for extra lift at impact.

That said, you will enjoy more pleasing short ac with a higher rate of spin.

To be specific, the manufacturer claims that the C3i wedge increases spin by 55% compared to traditional wedges.

We cannot testify that number, but according to our experience, the club does produce high, soft shots

with plenty of bites on the course.

Classic Teardrop Shape – Added Confidence At Address

Although the C3i might look strange at first glance, it features the classic teardrop design like most clubs.

This will give you more confidence and comfort when you set up at the address.

You can enjoy the benefits of the classic design and innovative technology at the same time.

What matters lie underneath the face, which is the unique sole as said above.

Polymer Insert – Solid Feel

The polymer insert of the C3i not only provides users a good feel but also makes it one of the most

forgiving club wedges on the market.

Spin and distance also benefit from that feature.

All of these characteristics make the C3i an outstanding wedge that performs like high-end models.

Alignment Guide – Improved Accuracy

On the C3i, you can see the sandblasted hitting area along with the white grooves,

both of which aid in effortless alignment on each shot.

As a result, you are able to hit along the target line and improve overall accuracy.

Tight Grooves – High Spin Rate

As suggested above, grooves affect the spin rate to a great extent.

Although the grooves of the C3i cannot compare to some boastful expensive wedges,

they are tight enough to generate high spin, giving

more control and accuracy in any short game.

High Shot Arc – Perfect Finish

The C3i club features a high shot arc that helps golfers attack the hole and post a low score effortlessly.

You can totally count on it to win the game.

Design and Technology

The best golf wedge of 2019 | Golfoy Blog

Let’s talk about the design first.

The club features an elegant design with a combination of black, white, and red colors.

You can see a C3i trademark at the rear end of the wedge.

Meanwhile, at the front side, there are many white lines to help you hit the shot precisely.

The bottom grove also comes in white, which allows users to set up at the target at ease.

The clubhead embraces the teardrop style for added comfort when you set up at the address.

Another highlight is the unique cavity that makes this wedge stand out from the crowd.

It is equipped with a handful of advanced technologies to take your game to the next level.

As said above, the most notable must be the auto-glide extreme sole.

This hybrid-like sole reduces the chance for the wedge to dig into the turf, thereby offering more contact and consistency.

The center-of-gravity is optimized to increase the spin by 55% from the bunker and the fairway.

Increasing spin from around the green fat is no longer a struggle for golfers with this C3i wedge in hand.

To top all the goodies off, the C3i model has a black matte finish.

This feature not only gives the wedge a stylish look but also reduces glare on the clubface.

You might not realize the benefit of this now, but wait until you play under the sun!


Xe1 Wedge

The Xe1 wedge is one of the top-quality wedge released in 2018.

It features a rounded leading edge to help you deliver accurate shots from inside 50 yards and offer better contact.

Unlike the C3i wedge which is recommended for high handicappers, the Xe1 wedge is useful for all golfers regardless of handicap.

Cleveland CBX Wedge

The Cleveland CBX wedge is an upgraded version of a cavity-back wedge.

Therefore, it is suitable for anyone who already played cavity-back irons before.

With the innovative technology of Cleveland Golf, you can benefit greatly from this forgiving wedge.

It will be an awesome partner within 100 yards and in.

Square Strike Wedge

The highlight of this Square Strike wedge is the anti-chunk sole, which makes chipping and pitching easy as pie.

Plus, the grooves on the sole play a role in reducing friction, thereby allowing the club to glide along the grass smoothly.

The Square Strike wedge is undoubtedly one of the easiest wedges to hit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any version for ladies?

The C3i wedge has only one version, featuring a standard wedge flex and a steel shaft.

It is suitable for both men and women, as long as they are 5’2’’ to 6’2’’ tall.

Can I order a customized one with an oversized grip on top?

Unfortunately, the seller does not offer grip customization.

However, once you receive the wedge, you can always bring it to a golf shop and have the grip changed.

What is the bounce of the 55-degree wedge?

It is 8 degrees for the 55-degree wedge and 12 degrees for the 65-degree wedge.

How many lofts are available and what are they?

To offer you more choices, the manufacturer offers three lofts, 55 degrees, 59 degrees, and 65 degrees.

Does the C3i wedge arrive with a headcover?

Unfortunately, the headcover is not included in the package.

The Bottom Line

That is the end of our review!

You might be fed up with all the advertisements about the C3i wedge, but you cannot deny its quality.

It is one of the most forgiving wedges that will enhance your chance of winning on the green.

Have you tried it before?

Tell us about your experience in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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