Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Usually, high handicappers are advised to focus on their putt rather than show off long-distance drivers.

However, driving distance earns better scores, and obviously, those golfers do not want to miss the chance.

Thankfully, we introduce you here to the ten best golf drivers for high handicappers list that helps.

Check all of them out!

Best Golf Driver for High Handicappers -Quick Comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Cobra Golf SZ SpeedZone Driver White 9 RH HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 Stiff Flex5.0See latest price
Titleist TS2 Driver 11.5 (KuroKage Black 50 Seniors) Golf Club5.0See latest price
TaylorMade M3 Driver 460cc4.7See latest price
Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver4.6See latest price
TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black4.6See latest price
Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men's Speedback Driver (Black/Yellow)4.5See latest price
Senior Men's Majek High Launch Golf K Series 460cc 10.5° Driver Right Handed Premium Ultra Forgiving Senior Flex Graphite Shaft Tour Velvet Grip4.3See latest price
Callaway Epic Flash Star Driver4.1See latest price
MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers for Men,Right Handed,460CC4.1See latest price
Wilson Staff Golf Men's D7 Driver4.1See latest price


Best Golf Driver for High Handicappers Reviews

Cobra Golf SZ SpeedZone

See Latest Price

Coming in the first place is Cobra Golf SZ SpeedZone.

For your information, this is also called Cobra King Speedzone – meaning it adds extra speed to the balls and makes them fly more quickly and powerfully.

Now, let’s look into the design and performance of it.

It features a very traditional design of drivers but takes it a step further with the milled face.

Moreover, the Titanium T-bar chassis is visibly shown from behind it.

This makes it more beautiful and professional – a little like the advanced TaylorMade drivers.

The feel of contact is good.

The consistency gives you confidence, standing over the balls.

The 9-degree loft provides a nigh-on performance.

You can get an extra 400 rpm of spin to launch the ball higher, even at slow swing speeds.

On the downside, the big head and quick shot create a loud and higher-pitch.

It causes some disturbance during the game; we have to admit.


  • A sleek and easy-to-align driver
  • Ideal for maximum ball speed
  • Lightweight while still consistent
  • Competitive pricing point


  • Noisy shot

Titleist TS2 11.5 (KuroKage Black 50 Seniors)

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Back then, drivers of Titleist were not as fast as others because of some margin error.

Thankfully, they corrected the mistakes by introducing the TS2 that focuses on speed, spin, and launch.

Compared to others, the TS2 11.5 changes the CG cylinder into a single sold weight.

You can ever exchange the Titleist fitting for getting a lighter or heavier head as you want.

Moreover, the head shape is larger and more rounded to improve the aerodynamics, while the gravity center is moved further back.

Especially enough, the MOI is increased by 12% to offer extra forgiveness.

Altogether, it supports increased forgiveness and higher launch.

This is what all high handicappers can expect from a driver.

We just do not like the design of TS2 very much.

They are almost back and back from front to back, and there is not much on the cover.


  • A fast driver for high handicappers
  • Improved MOI for extra forgiveness
  • High launching performance
  • A wide loft to hit the ball more easily


  • So-so traditional look

TaylorMade M3 460cc

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So far, TaylorMade has dominated the golf equipment industry with its quality products for golfers at all levels.

Take this TaylorMade M3, for example.

The most exciting feature of this M3 is its user-friendly Twist Face technology, making it hit preciously and with improved forgiveness.

In specific, the face club is relatively square, so it will cure when you miss the sweet spot or when you slice.

However, the huge dimension could make it a bit funky at the address.

Anyway, the overall driver is still very nice, along with many extra pops into it.

Together with the shaft, the drive features a ton of response and life.

What we do not very appreciate about the TaylorMade M3 is its metallic sound.

However, the sound is understandable when you think of how solid it is.


  • The innovative TwistFace design
  • The maximum ball speed
  • Convenient Y-Track adjustability
  • Solid composite crown construction


  • Ridiculous metallic sound

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash

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It is a big lack when mentioning the TaylorMade driver without introducing Callaway, too.

Both manufacturers are leading in the market.

And when it comes to drivers for high handicappers, you can take the Callaway Epic Flash Driver into account.

This drive features a trio of technologies to assist those amateur golfers even when the swing goes wrong.

For example, there is a new Fash Face clubface designed by AI that increases the carry distance and ball speed.

Jailbreak technology is another advanced technology to improve the ball speed in the way that the lighter carbon fiber gives it more weighting.

It is also worth mentioning that the weights and slider are adjustable.

You can slide the club toward the “Draw” option to put more weight on the toe.

Otherwise, use the Opti-FIt adapter at the hosel to reduce the loft degree by one or two degrees.

Then, you can hit more upright.

So far, so good, except for that the Epic Flash is expensive.


  • Quality-made with durable materials
  • Packed with a ton of advanced technologies
  • Increased forgiveness to hit more easily
  • Meaningful adjustments included


  • Expensive driver

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black

See Latest Price

Another golf driver for high-handicap golfers offered by TaylorMade is RBZ Black Driver.

Similar to the M3, it also features an adjustable loft and a 460cc titanium club head.

Thus, you can expect it to deliver impressive power and control during the game.

What is it different from the M3?

Compared to its brother, the TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver is somewhat more lightweight because of the titanium core and strategic weight position.

As a result, it is supposed to increase the launch control and trajectory.

Along with it, the Speed Pocket feature is available to deliver low spin and high launch at the same time; thus, it boosts distance significantly.

However, we still prefer the M3 because this RBZ Black driver is not very durable over time.


  • Large and playable clubhead
  • Added forgiveness thanks to adjustable weight
  • Speed Pocket that offers a higher launch
  • Not very expensive


  • Not as durable as other TaylorMade

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback

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If you like the Cobra SZ, it is a likelihood that you will also love this Cobra F9 Speedback Driver.

They all focus on the “Speed” aspect of it, but they feature different technologies interestingly.

First of all, the Speedback features a lightweight 360 Aero technology in its polymer crown and titanium sole trips.

It means there is more airflow around the clubhead to reduce the drag.

Secondly, the “PWR Ridges” is strategically placed in the carbon crown to add extra rigidity and aerodynamics.

You can experience more energy return to maximize speed and distance.

Compared to the Speedzone, the Speedback has a better look and weight.

Nonetheless, you will find the Speedback is a little less forgiving than the Speedzone model.


  • Lightweight and comfortable grip
  • Coming with improved aerodynamics
  • Added speed and distance when hitting
  • Cheaper than other Cobra “Speed”


  • Less forgiving than expected

Senior Men’s Majek High Launch Golf K Series 460cc

See Latest Price

As its name suggests, it is for the seniors – especially those high-handicap players who desire to maximize their ball flight off the tee with less strength.

It makes sense that muscle strength and flexibility often decline with age, and players cannot introduce more power to every hit, thus lowering swing speed.

How can the Majek High Launch Golf K Series do it?

The driver is 10.5-degrees, which is better for amateur high handicappers or those having too low tee shot trajectory. It has increased forgiveness and accuracy at the same time.

In addition, the K Series has a senior-flex velocity shaft made from graphite.

This material is light and easy to grip without experiencing slips.

Overall, it is acceptable for the seniors to enjoy fun games rather than for players to level up their skill and performance quickly as other drivers can do.


  • Built with senior players in mind
  • Easy-to-hit 10.5 degrees loft
  • Increased forgiveness and accuracy
  • Coming at a budget-friendly price


  • Just acceptable performance

Callaway Epic Flash Star

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At a glance, this Callaway Epic Flash Star Driver looks similar to the Epic Flash.

It is true because the Epic Flash Star is an upgraded version of the original Epic Flash.

The latter model has all features of the Epic Flash, including the Flash Face technology, Jailbreak improved ball speed, and adjustable features.

The improvements are the lighter design in shaft, crown, and grip and the lower gravity center.

This is thanks to the additional tightly-worn T2C carbon fabric.

As a result, the whole driver is 50-gram lighter than the Epic Flash.

This means faster clubhead speed and more ball distance.

The lighter weight also makes the Epic Flash Star Driver easily handled by female players.

The big issue, however, is the price.

This Epic Flash Star is unavoidably more expensive than the Epic Flash, which is costly itself.


  • A modern look
  • Lightweight and comfortable at the feel
  • More forgiveness and amazing distance
  • Easy to launch at all time


  • Extremely expensive

MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers for Men

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Also coming at a lower center of gravity like the Epic Flash Star Driver, the Mazel Titanium 460cc is much cheaper.

That is why you can consider purchasing it to save money.

Although it is not as good as the Callaway, the performance is beyond acceptable compared to the price range.

In detail, it adopts the CNC Cup Face technology, with which the edges become rounder and less thick in the clubface.

It helps increase the mathematical accuracy and rebound structure.

The Mazel Titanium is sufficient when delivering fastballs on mishits.

Also, an additional screw removes weight from the front to the back so that the gravity center is lower, and you can hit the ball higher with more backspin.

The feature seems good.

However, we only give this drive six out of ten because its construction is not as durable as expected.


  • Cheaper than many other drivers
  • Large sweet spot
  • Low gravity center
  • Accurate milled cup face


  • Not durable like other drivers

Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7

See Latest Price

Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver is the last on the list, but definitely not the least exciting to use.

Our very first impression is the appealing design on the eye.

It has a sleek black over with a round shape and cutting edge.

Thus, we can confirm that Wilson D7 is easy to align.

When we test it in the field, we are excited that its performance is also very nice.

The spin is very high, and the ball distance is up to 275 yards on average.

Such a distance is even improved if you put a good strike and swing on it.

We also appreciate that the feel is lightweight while still very solid.

You can swing it fast without losing control of speed and power.

Nevertheless, we expect the grip to be a bit bigger because now it runs a bit small and narrow.


  • Not very expensive to buy
  • Appealing on the eye
  • Impressive ball distance
  • Lightweight and solid as well


  • Not durable like other drivers

Benefits of Having Good Golf Drivers for A Slice

Of all bad mistakes caused by high handicappers, the open-clubface slice due to weak grip is the most common one.

Their trail hand often sits on the top of the grip instead of having the thumb straight down in the middle.

As a result, the clubface is open throughout the swing.

The slice is depressing, and the ball does not go straight, let alone further.

To eliminate such a sanity issue, you had better practice to hone the ball’s flight.

How will they help?

  • Drivers are supposed to shift the center of gravity to the heels, thanks to the very closed club faces. Thus, it suffers from less draw-spin effect around the face to square the club.
  • A good driver often comes with higher lofts, upright angles, as well as lighter shafts. The offset clubfaces sit a little behind the line of the shaft. It means it will get extra time to close the clubface and reach the ball.
  • The loft clubhead is also useful to cure a slice by adding additional backspin and more stable flight to reduce the side-spin’s negative impacts.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for High Handicappers?

The science behind the development of golf drivers, in general, and the ones for high handicappers, in particular, makes it uneasy for you to make a choice – even when you read all reviews above.

Then, no worries, we have a complete buying guide for your reference.


Golf drivers, first and foremost, should be well-constructed and forgiving at the same time to hit balls into the air, then down the fairway.

Some features about the design you should remember:

  • The longer drives come along with shorter second shots.
  • Meanwhile, you will want to use long swings with small balls to improve the balls’ flying distance.
  • The bigger head, the better. The maximum set out by golfing USGA is 460 cc.
  • The drivers that have large sweet spots are supposed to minimize the slide spin and increase the forgiveness.

Loft options

Next, let’s discuss the loft of drivers.

This feature equals ball height and must be compatible with your swing speed.

A wider loft angle creates more backspin and makes the ball go further.

Lofts range between 4 to 20 degrees.

However, we know almost all high handicappers have a low swing speed, meaning that they need high degrees of lofts.

For instance, your clubhead has a speed of less than 85 mph, choose the loft within 14 to 20 degrees.

If the speed is 85 to 94 mph, we find 12- to 13-degree lofts decent for the cases.

Meanwhile, 10- to 11-degree lofts are the best couple with the clubhead whose speed is from 95 to 104 mph.


Once you choose a suitable loft, you should look into the materials in the heads and the shaft – this feature will mostly decide how durable the club heads are and also how expensive they become.

Speaking of the club heads, they can be made from titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, or other alloys.

For high-handicap golfers, we recommend titanium drivers. Although they are expensive, they are often lightweight and extremely forgiving.

Otherwise, go for stainless-steel heads if you are looking for an affordable and durable driver.

The forgiveness is not well-worth mentioning, though.

For the shaft, you should choose either graphite and steel.

The earlier material is far better for high handicappers because of its flexibility and “whiplash effect.”

The latter steel is, again, more budget-friendly.

In addition, steel shafts are precious straight away so that you can control them effortlessly.

The only downside is its heaviness, which can slow your swing a bit.

Adjustable features

Some customizations, if any, are great to help you level up your skills.

At first, you can leave its all the way themselves so that you can practice simple features.

Then, when you improve and get a lower handicap, try adjusting the lofts and weights.

This will be useful to get a better launch height and distance.


What driver is best for a high handicapper?

Of all its above, we find the Callaway Epic Flash Star Driver all good in terms of construction and performance.

However, the price might make you hesitant a bit.

Should high handicappers use a driver?

Yes, definitely.

Apart from curing the slices and draws, as we mentioned above, a driver also helps get the most out of your strikes so that you can step your game long up.

Even more, golf drivers now come along with many new technologies, making it more user-friendly for people at all stills.

What is the most forgiving driver for a high handicapper?

It is Titleist TS2 Driver 11.5. It offers extra forgiveness by increasing the MOI by 12%.

Are 9.5 or 10.5 drivers better?

It depends!

Both 9.5 and 10.5 drivers are common and easy to use by almost every golfer.

Nonetheless, 10.5 drivers will be better for amateur high handicappers or those having too low tee shot trajectory.

What’s a good driver for an average golfer?

We would recommend the TaylorMade M3 Driver 460cc because it is easy to hit with the innovative TwistFace design and even adjustable in the Y-Track area.

Is a 12-degree driver easier to hit?

Truth be told, 12-degree drivers are not common.

Fortunately, they are still easy to hit – but with only a slow clubhead.

You can hit it high and into the directions of winds so that the ball can go further and at a higher angle.

Are higher lofted drivers more forgiving?

Yes, they are.

The higher lofts allow creating more backspin so that there are left or right movements in the air.

A driver has the lowest loft compared to other golf tools in the bad.

They are only between 4-degree to 20-degree lofts.

That’s why you will find it hard to hit in the air, as well as to keep straight.

Still, drivers are the most forgiving ever made.

What is the main difference between a 10.5 and 11.5 driver?

Simply put, the extra degree supports gaining more distance and more forgiveness – as stated right above.

If you have a swing that is up less or even worse, you keep hands later forward than normal; you will want to go to an 11.5-loft driver for compensation.

It helps keep the side spin-off.

What degree of it should I use?

You can see that there are different lofts recommended on the list above.

It means you have a wide range of choices when it comes to the degrees of drivers.

Please consider your swing speed, clubhead’s speed, swing type, and distance.

For high handicappers who have an average swing speed – around 84 mph, drivers between 11-14 are ideal.

If you swing faster than that, you can lower the loft to 9-10.5 degrees.

Why am I hitting my driver so high?

There are several possible reasons, but too much backspin is the most common.

Or, you might choose the wrong equipment – say, a regular-flex shaft and 100-mph clubhead can result in “ballooning” drives.

Or, the swing is way-too upright because you stand too close to the balls.

You impact the ball on a descending angle, then.

The cure is to use the right driver and practice more.

Wrapping Up

We already listed above the top 10 best golf drivers for high handicappers’ reviews so that you can make a wise choice to enjoy your golf matches.

You do not need to hesitate any longer because drivers are helpful.

They will accommodate to increase the speed and ball distance at the same time.

And as we mentioned, the Callaway Epic Flash Star Driver is expensive but the most worth-purchasing ever

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