Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers

The way you play golf and select golf equipment at each segment must improve your handicap score.

Golfers with average handicaps are often very confused because there are many types of golf balls on the market.

If you want to buy the right products, then you need to pay attention to the most popular ones.

But how do you know which one is the best?

That’s what we’re about to solve today in this short buying guide.

Let’s take a look.

Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers – Quick Comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)4.8See latest price
Bridgestone e12 Soft Golf Balls 15-Pack4.7See latest price
Srixon Men's Soft Feel Golf Ball4.7See latest price
TaylorMade TP5 Pix USA Golf Balls (One Dozen)4.7See latest price
Maxfli SoftFli Matte Golf Balls4.7See latest price
Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Prior Generation4.7See latest price
Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls, Pack of 124.6See latest price
Volvik Vivid Golf Balls, Prior Generation (One Dozen)4.6See latest price
Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball (15-Pack)4.5See latest price
Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls (One Dozen)
4.4See latest price


Reviews of the Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers

1 – Titleist Pro V1x

See Latest Price

When it comes to golf balls, you can count on the Titleist brand.

Here is the Pro V1x model of this famous brand.

This ball model brings excellent performance to the average golfer.

It provides extraordinary distance with consistent flight, long low-spin and high-trajectory games, short-drop game control, and perfect stop in a soft feel.

More specifically, Titleist equips this product with ZG Process Dual Core to give extraordinary distance for each shot.

Not only that, but the thin and responsive ionomeric cover also speeds up and controls the spins better.

Additionally, the flexible Urethane Elastomer casing system provides Drop-and-Stop control for greenside and a soft feel with long-lasting durability.

Last but not least, the spherically-tiled tetrahedral dimple design can bring you many consistent flights.



  • High ball price

2 – Bridgestone e12

See Latest Price

Bridgestone’s new proprietary accelerating layer creates the core of the 3-piece structure.

The new high-performance polymer material helps increase initial thrust and higher velocity upon impact and softens the core for enhanced forgiveness and feel.

The model design is ideal for players with a driver rotation speed of less than 105 mph.

It also has Delta Dimple for less drag and smoother airflow when the ball is flying.

Besides, advanced aerodynamics enhances the straight distance of the ball.

When playing with a moderate spin, the right side of the ball helps players with a moderate to high handicap improve their performance.



  • Not as long as other types
  • Easily scratch when used

3 – Srixon Men’s Soft Feel

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Coming up next is the golf ball with a soft feel from the Srixon company. How good is this model?

This product is rated as suitable for players with low swing speeds.

It is because the softcore maximizes the transmission of power over long distances and feels soft from the tee to the green.

Moreover, the elastic core is softer towards the center.

The Ionomer cap provides excellent ball speed and low spin away from the driver, giving you incredible distances and a great soft feel.

The best part is the 344 aero soft dimples design.

These patterns can cover the surface enough to reduce drag and create more distance and stability for the ball.

Finally, this two-piece product for swing speeds over 70 mph also promotes the target focus to set square and high accuracy in the green area.



  • Easy to scratch

4 – TaylorMade TP5

See Latest Price

Despite the excellent 5-piece design, these TaylorMade TP5 are reasonably priced for the average players.

So why don’t you spend a little extra money to improve the quality of your shots with these balls?

First, you can use this 5-piece type for many of your clubs for different purposes.

Multi-colored single graphic design offers better visibility in both high and low light hours.

With an overlay print and large contrast graphics, the TP5 model gives the golfer better visibility and excellent spin feedback around the green.

It also has a progressive compression core to transfer maximum power between the club and the ball.

Thanks to that, you control the spin easily to keep your ball straight to fly to long distances.

Along with that, the ultra-soft molded urethane cover and semi-rigid inner shell enhance the maximum contact of the cover and the club grooves for putting the vortex on the ball and for perfect results if you use the wedge.



  • It may be hard to see for some players.

5 – Maxfli SoftFli Matte

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Like others on the market, these balls from Maxfli brand also have matte finishes to enhance visibility in the air and on the field.

From there, you can track these balls and find them more easily.

These products are incredibly softballs with very low compression ratings that give a uniquely soft feel and response for a tee to green shots.

The adjustable core maintains faster ball speed and lowers spin for greater accuracy.

The 332 dimpled model helps cover high surfaces and provides consistent flights while the soft-covered Ionomer cover with vivid matte color brings better control and visibility.

They are considered an excellent choice for players with slow swing speed.

They also increase the feel and distance to the average golfers.


  • Long ball flight
  • Easy to see and track
  • Amazing quality and build
  • Good feel of shooting


  • Quite a high price

6 – Callaway Golf Superhot

See Latest Price

You will love the eye-catching look of Callaway golf balls.

With three matte finishes, including yellow, red, or orange, players now own their favorite colors.

Furthermore, these balls are designed with a low compression for low spin and good feel and precision.

If you want to increase accuracy off the tee, you can easily create low-spin flights with this model.

Proven aerodynamics promotes low traction and optimal lift for a stable flight.

As a result, it helps the ball fly in the air longer to very long distances.

Here’s something interesting for you.

The 3-piece structure design and softcover also improve spin and control around the green, giving better short strokes.

These features make it a perfect long-distance ball for golfers who want to hit the ball very far.



  • Quite hard to see the red ball

7 – Wilson Staff Fifty Elite (One Dozen)

See Latest Price

Another model from a famous brand is waiting for you.

Take a closer look at the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite.

With synthetic materials for the right performance balance, these Wilson balls have a positive core and responsive cover that can provide a soft feel and very explosive distance.

As such, you can control the ball better in decisive shots.

The modified rubber chemical material also contributes to making the core softer than other balls of competition while the new plastic slide pack gives optimum durability with easily recognizable colors.

You also have 3 color options to choose from.

How about its speed?

The advanced 302 aerodynamics features a flat bottom, shallow dimples ripping throughout the air to give you a stable flight of the ball.



  • Not go as far as other types
  • Easy to scuff

8 – Volvik Vivid, Prior Generation

See Latest Price

The seven recognizable colors in the air and on the ground of these Volvik products add to your collection for the average golfers.

It also has an excellent matte finish with bright neon colors in a light and soft structure.

To enhance the golfers’ performance, the manufacturer created the 80 compression ball with a three-piece design.

This model is one of the longest-flying balls for players with slow to medium swing speed.

Another remarkable feature of these balls is the power core.

It enhances the distance for you at speeds above 70 mph.

It also boosts accuracy off the Tee, increases control around the greens, and provides a ‘Stop And Spin’ control.



  • A bit pricey

9 – Nitro Ultimate Distance

See Latest Price

These balls are very reasonably priced in a package of 15 yellow or orange balls that are easy to see.

Additionally, the super reactive 2-piece core of titanium increases optimal energy movement from the clubhead to the golf ball to spin less and create explosive distance for the ball.

Not only that, but the aerodynamic design of the dimple also enhances the lift and reduces drag for more extended shooting, improving your feel on and around the golf course.

What’s more?

The manufacturer also produces Lithium Surlyn anti-shear covers for durability, high performance, outstanding recovery, and excellent abrasion and cutting resistance.

Finally, multi-component technology brings great stopping with your iron.

You can now swing at moderate swing speed and still have the ball flight with an outstanding distance.



  • Easy to scratch

10 – Vice Golf Pro

See Latest Price

The Vice Golf brand designed the first three-piece fully finished urethane golf ball in the world.

With sophisticated production processes, the manufacturer creates a very thin coating and exceptional adhesion to the green.

As a result, you have a smooth feel and a high control backspin thanks to S2TG technology.

The special matte coating also helps track the golf ball’s flight from a distance and locates the ball.

Besides, the extremely durable 336 dimples design and high-speed core provide an extraordinary response, higher ball speed, and good tee distance.

All of these durable components and advanced technologies give you the ideal ball for players with low to moderate swing speeds and average players.



  • Get dirty easily

Should You Use Hard or Soft Golf Balls

Let’s get back to the 20th century to fully understand this question.

At that time, there were two kinds of golf balls, namely hardcover balls and softballs, also known as balata golf balls.

Balata golf balls offered a high spin rate and complete control around the green, while hard balls were designed for distance only.

That explained why the majority of golfers favored soft balata balls over hardcover ones.

When 21st began, researchers pointed out that the distance characteristics of hard balls and spin properties of balata balls could be combined by adding more layers to a specific ball.

Hardcover ones gradually disappeared then.

Until now, the battle of hard and soft golf balls are replaced with the one between cheap and expensive balls.

The more costly a ball is, the more layers it boasts, and the better experience it brings about.

How to choose the right ball for your game then?

The answer mostly depends on your budget as well as your goals.

One tip is to observe how the ball reacts to the course.

You should buy a ball that reacts instantly around the green, even if you have to sacrifice some distance.

Buying Guide

There are some things you should pay attention to when you want the best golf balls for average golfers.

Check them out right now.

Your Skills

Manufacturers design golf balls depending on the skill level of the golfer.

You should look for the ball suitable for each level of your own as beginners, intermediate players, professional players, or average players.

Choosing the right type of golf ball contributes to your precise shots or points scored around the green.

Your Feeling

It is a personal feeling depending on the different golfers.

The average golfer should choose a ball that boosts his confidence when hitting so he can control it and score quickly.

Then, each of your swings will be stronger and more decisive.

The Ball Hardness

Different strokes on golf clubs bring average swing speed is not the same for players.

Also, you should select the hardness or compression rating of a golf ball to use with low or high swing speeds.

For example, you often swing at high speed, then you should choose a ball with high hardness to achieve long distances.

Conversely, when you have a low swing speed, you should choose a type of low hardness to conquer distances easily.

The Ball Spin

Balls with lower spin than the driver’s face are more affordable than premium ones, but you need to adjust the game to make the ball stop on the green.

When you have less spin, the ball doesn’t move much to achieve a more powerful shot.

A hard golf ball will hook and cut less, so it spins less than a soft golf ball.

The ball of one or two pieces has less spin than the three or four-piece type.

You should know that the ball with many layers is also easier to spin.

The Ball Price

Golf balls have many models and different prices, depending on your financial ability.

They can also be worn out, lost during use, so you need to consider the budget for changing the ball to choose the type of balance between cost and features.

For average players, you can choose a medium golf ball and practice with them, then upgrade or lower the price to find the perfect ball for your game competitions.

The Ball Type

There are five types of golf balls for playing styles including 1-piece, 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece, and 5-piece designs.

The more pieces a golf ball has, the higher the price, and the more experiences you need to control the ball.

For the average player, you should choose the ball from 2 to 4 pieces with good spin control and make long-distance shots.

However, if you think you have enough golf experience and you can spend more money on the golf balls, you can choose the 5-piece type for better performance and feel.

The Ball Brand

You should choose famous and reliable brands to have excellent and durable products.

Moreover, these professional manufacturers improve ball and material making techniques to enhance performance and improve your shots.

You should also experience playing golf with balls from different brands before deciding on the brand that best suits your playing style.

Note that the list of top 10 in this post gives you many brand options highly appreciated by professional golfers.

Now let’s explore some questions you may want to know.

Here they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Golf Balls Make a Difference for Average Golfers?

Yes, they do. Golfers with an average handicap of about 16-17 for men need good balls to make a difference.

Different balls will react differently with the swings of players depending on the clubface angle, path, attack angle, and more.

Therefore, choosing the right ball helps you avoid a bad shot to score better in the game.

What are the Best Choices for a Mid Handicapper?

You should choose the golf ball that fits your play style and skill.

The average golfer does not need a high-end ball with side grips because they are easy to travel far offline on many bad shots.

You also do not need to spend much on this type of golf ball.

Remember to check out the above top list for a mid handicapper.

You should also try a few types for some rounds to find out which one suits your game best.

How Far Do I Hit a 7 Iron?

The beginners hit the seven iron with the distance of 100 yards for male players and 60 yards for female players.

For the intermediate players, the hitting distance for men and women is 135 yards and 75 yards while the advanced golfers are about 165 yards and 140 yards.

What is the Longest Golf Ball for Seniors?

For the seniors, the TaylorMade TP5x pix 2.0 can offer you long distances quickly.

They have multiple layers for a soft cover and high compression to manage spins and bounce better, and enhance the ball speed.

What is the Best Cheap Golf Ball?

You can choose low-end lines of Titleist when you want to search for low price balls for your golf matches.

Even used products of this brand can be considered because golf balls are so durable that they don’t wear unless people hit them thousands of times or leave them out in the cold.

Are Pro V1 Good for Beginners?

Not really. Although new players can enjoy this golf ball’s great feeling, they are not suitable for them.

The manufacturer designed them for players who have a fast swinging speed and want more spin to control it.


Golfers understand the importance of choosing golf balls and other golf equipment to improve shots for their high scores. Average golfers are no exception.

You need to consider your level and feel the price, spin, and hardness of the balls to choose for yourself the most suitable type.

Not only that, but the top 10 review above is also a valuable reference for you. It’s time to go out there and shop for one now.

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