Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

You know what?

Since golf is not easy to play, it is understandable why many novices encounter difficulties when starting to practice this sport.

Therefore, owning the right items is especially vital for newbies.

And in this guide, let’s see the best golf drivers for beginners.

Why you would need them, how to pick them as well as detailed answers for numerous FAQs.

Here we go!

Best Golf Driver for Beginners – Quick Comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Callaway Golf 2020 Men's Rogue Driver4.9See latest price
TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black4.9See latest price
TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc)4.8See latest price
Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver4.8See latest price
Cobra 2018 Golf Men's King F8 Driver4.7See latest price
TaylorMade M4 Driver4.7See latest price
Cleveland Golf Men's Launcher HB Driver4.7See latest price
Cobra Golf Men's 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver4.6See latest price
Wilson Staff Golf Men's D7 Driver4.6See latest price
Top Flite Gamer Tour Driver4.6See latest price

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The Best Drivers For Beginners Reviews

To answer the question: “What’s the best golf driver for beginners?”, we will review the top 10 best drivers for beginner golfers at different aspects.

#1. Callaway 4B751501R200 – The best centre overall

See latest price

The experts of Callaway have used groundbreaking aerodynamic technology to create one of the coolest clubheads in the market, which delivers an outstanding ball speed.

The Callaway 4B751501R200 also has the widest surface area on the head of a driver.

The modern carbon composite head has an extremely big sweet spot so that even entry-level players can hit the golf ball easily and propel it with incredible velocity.

At the back of the clubface is the Jailbreak technology. It will boost not only the distance but also exit velocity by focusing the force of the clubhead directly behind the sweet spot to give more power to the ball. Consequently, you can observe more precise drives with extra speed.

Nonetheless, the drawback of this product is its stationary weight, which solely generates higher drives but does not change your shots’ shape. Fortunately, the loft sleeve that alleviates your slice is an acceptable compensation.


  • The Jailbreak technology boosts the ball speed off the clubface
  • The adjustable loft sleeve is straightforward to use
  • Sleek design with a large sweet spot


  • The weight is fixed

#2. TaylorMade B1236205 – Good for high handicappers

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What impresses us, at first sight, is the sleek black finish that matches well with the alignment system to help beginners realize the clubface’s center.

And when we swing the TaylorMade driver B1236205 through the ball, we can feel how lightweight it is throughout the motion.

Despite the compactness, this driver is very durable owing to the Ultralite titanium core behind the clubface. This core also directly increases the force transferring to the ball upon impact.

In other words, the club increases the height of the arc on your drives. And newbies who want to have more power off the tee must appreciate this feature.

When beginners have the TaylorMade B1236205 on the range, they will instantly love the exceptional balance of this mid-level club.

Moreover, the patented Speed Pocket technology will create a more dynamic impact on the ball. You will soon become excited about the game as you make the first powerful shots.

Another feature that novices will love at this club is the adjustable loft sleeve that permits them to customize the loft of the clubface, which indirectly alters the trajectory of their drives.


  • Fairly compact
  • Create startling contacts
  • The forgiving sweet spot is great for high handicappers
  • The customizable hosel provides more loft on drives


  • The clubhead lacks adjustable weighting

#3. TaylorMade M6 (460cc) – Good Driver for speed precision

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The first thing about this TaylorMade driver M6 (460cc) that impresses us is the revamped speed integrated with the Twist Face that helps to reduce your off-center hits as well as transfer more power to the golf ball.

The second stunning feature is the upgrade of the Hammerhead slot. It combines with the Twist Face to create a wider sweet spot and keep the high shot rate on off-center strikes.

Plus, this item also offers many adjustable parts that allow users to change the offset and launch angle. For instance, you can use the Inertia Generator to perform a higher launch and add extra spin to the ball.

Meanwhile, the loft sleeve will support draw or curb bias in case inexperienced golfers need assistance to shoot the ball off the tee more straight.


  • TaylorMade’s TwistFace technology gives the ball more forgiveness and speed
  • Reduce side spin to enhance feel and precision
  • The Inertia Generator produces more forgiveness for less spin and higher launch


  • The sole weight is fixed so it cannot fade or draw bias

#4. Callaway 4A871503E200 – The best Callaway driver for beginners

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When you look at the price tag of this driver, you may wonder why it is so expensive. The plain answer is since its features deserve to be paid well.

Nevertheless, we even feel that this club is still cheap as it can accompany you for years and years, even when you become more proficient.

You can tweak the Callaway driver 4A871503E200 to lower your slice and drag and promote the clubhead speed to contact with the ball for a more robust and precise drive.

Like the Callaway 4B751501R200, the patented Jailbreak technology comes to change the game that could have scared off novices and high handicappers.

Made out of a new type of carbon fabric, the balance of the clubhead’s weight is distributed well for a bigger sweet spot that brings about absolute forgiveness. We feel the way that off-center shots find the fairway really amazing.


  • Sleek clubhead reduces drag
  • The huge sweet spot promotes forgiveness
  • The compact clubface facilitates for more ball speed
  • Multiple adjustable features


  • Somewhat expensive

#5. Cobra DR KGF8 – Value-choice for beginners

See latest price

For those on a tight budget, this driver is the best budget driver for beginners. Despite its affordable price, the Cobra King F8 is a worthy update from the famous F6 model.

From the superior balance and feel to the monstrous strength, this model shines not only for its appearance.

You might find the clubface quite weird as it has been milled to minimize weight and size. Thanks to that unique design combined with the carbon fiber crown, golfers can enjoy more swing speed as well as compression upon impact.

In our tests, beginners can deliver the golf ball off the tee box much farther and straighter with very lightweight swings.


  • Large sweet spot offers maximum forgiveness
  • Adjustable loft sleeve allows more launch angles
  • Adjustable shot shapes


  • The weights were stationary and sole-centered

#6. TaylorMade M4 D-type B1244507 – The most forgiving driver

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The first thing we have to say about the TaylorMade M4 D-type B1244507 is that it can get novices to align the clubface’s center precisely so that they will never be square with the sweet spot.

Moreover, the large sweet spot also makes it one of the most forgiving drivers of this brand. And the center portion is lowered on the clubface to eliminate sidespin that may result in draw shots or bad slices.

The Hammerhead speed slot makes the clubface more pliable. It will be so elastic as a trampoline to catapult the golf ball forward. When you see the golf ball shoot down the fairway, you will be able to feel the strength we mentioned here.

Lastly, if you want to add extra loft to your drives, the adjustable loft sleeve works best with the 12-degree edition of this TaylorMade M4 D-type B1244507 model.


  • Patented Hammerhead speed slot
  • Low center of gravity is great for higher drives
  • The loft sleeve can be fine-tuned


  • Weights in the clubhead are fixed

#7. Cleveland Golf 10255300 – The best drivers for distance

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When we grip the Cleveland Golf 10255300 in our hand, we immediately feel the balance and lightweight, and that feeling remains throughout the swing.

A notable disadvantage is that there is no loft sleeve or adjustable weighting in this driver. Yet, the manufacturer has tried hard to fit its customers with the perfect club for their swings. And for high handicappers, a dependable driver is enough without too many features.

In addition, this beginner driver model has a HiBore crown design that keeps the gravity center of the launcher deeper and lower inside the clubhead. This supports inexperienced golfers to strike higher drives with less sidespin.

Last but not least, the ultra-lightweight hosel comes along with the balanced weight distribution of the clubhead for robust construction and more feel.


  • Extremely compact
  • Provide impressive forgiveness and feeling
  • The enormous sweet spot alleviates off-center hits


  • There is no adjustable hosel or weighting

#8. Cobra DR FMAX – Best Driver for beginners with a swing

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Cobra has engineered the DR F-Max Superlite driver with an ergonomic clubhead, compact shaft, and grip to reduce the overall weight but still retained the solid feel.

As beginners take the club onto the range and perform motions, it will be highly responsive because the Titanium face insert helps to improve the traveling distance and velocity of the golf ball.

Furthermore, the internal weight pad is placed low to form an ultra-forgiving build so that golfers can make straighter ball flights and higher launches.

There are two editions for you to choose from. The Straight neck design delivers a traditional look at address while the Offset design will maximize draw bias.


  • The offset clubface and big sweet spot will reduce slices
  • Ergonomic design generates more swing speed
  • Crown alignment assists beginners to hit the golf ball more precisely


  • No adjustable features

#9. Wilson WGW400000R105 – Good for launch control

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The Wilson WGW400000R105 has several handy features that have overcome the close quality control process.

However, the super-light design is what we find the most spectacular. Can you believe that it only weighs 192 grams? That’s so insane.

Combine the unbelievably lightweight head with an even lighter shaft, and the swing speed of anyone from professionals to newbies will reach the upper limit.

To lower vibration, Wilson built an exceptional crown design known as the [K]omposite Crown, which is made from woven carbon fibers and Kevlar.

The top of this crown is painted with varnish to be more long-lasting and eye-catchy.

Most noteworthy, there are up to three different loft angles, and all clubheads have been tuned to launch at the most favorable angle.

This fantastic feature is partially thanks to the arrangement of weight in particular positions on the driver’s sole.


  • The lightest choice
  • Deliver premier swing speed
  • Excellent sightline at address


  • A bit expensive
  • Lack adjustability

#10. Top Flite Gamer Tour – Designed for left-handed golfers

See latest price

Top Flite is a brand name that a lot of beginners look up to because of its budget-friendly and easy-to-use golf sets. And the Top Flite Gamer Tour is no exception.

What this driver has to offer is the advanced Performance Head design that promotes launch angles while lowering the center of gravity at the same time.

The amount of forgiveness you can receive is decent, and the majority of this originates from Heel Weighting and the massive 460cc head size.

Additionally, the clubface constructed from Titanium composite will optimize your feel and increase the traveling distance of the golf ball.

There are two versions for both left and right-handed golfers, too.


  • Impressive distance
  • Suit both hand orientations
  • Great high launch
  • Significant forgiveness


  • Flexes are too light

Benefits of Having Good Drivers For Beginners

Owning the proper driver is essential for newbies since it will aid them in launching their tee shots more efficiently. In other words, they can make the ball travel farther and land on a more precise spot.

Besides, this also lets them master their handicap more quickly and enjoy the game of golf better.

As beginners progress and get used to their current drivers, they will enhance their swing speed and change to new drivers that are more suitable for their new levels.

How to Choose the Best Driver For Beginners?


For people who are at the entry-level, having a well-made driver that offers high forgiveness is of great importance to improve their skills in the long run.

Novices need a vast amount of confidence in themselves as well as their clubs. They want to make sure that the next shot will not make them disappointed.

Annually, manufacturers are always trying to create the best golf clubs for beginners that can alleviate drag on the clubhead and increase the swing speed. Hence, it is a bad idea for newbies to build their item sets with clubs that are too old (around 6 – 7 years old or above). They may be cheap but will not be supportive of quick improvement.

Particularly if you are high handicappers, it is critical to use a driver that can bring the ball into the air and down the fairway. These basic guidelines will require loft and higher swing speed. Keep in mind that the longer a driver is, the shorter the second shots it makes.

The excellent design is also very significant when you take into account the whole swing, from the first to the last action.


When it comes to the “feel” of a driver, we are mentioning the level of responsiveness that the golf ball gives off your clubface.

Observe professional golfers, and you can see their sense of confidence after they strike their drives off the tee box. It is the perfect combination of their sight and feelings.

While pro golfers have made uncountable shots during their careers and know-how they have hit the ball right after their strikes, beginners cannot have that ability.

As a beginner, you hardly know where the ball will go when you strike your drive. The feel occurs right upon impact, but it will only increase when you have more experience of striking the ball.

However, you can still try and pick drivers that give you special feels that you can gain confidence over time. Such drivers will be suitable for you because they can improve your feel and confidence so that you can play better.


For novices who meet difficulties when trying to strike a ball on a high handicap with the center of their clubface, the forgiveness of a driver would help to make the golfball travel in a straight and long trajectory from the tee box.

A simple solution is using drivers with more significant sweet spots that lessen the sidespin that results in hooks and slices. Apart from minimizing the shot-killing side spin, the new technology is also advanced to help you hit the ball straighter even with off-center strikes, and increase the traveling distance of the ball.

Golfers can choose to use one of the two different types of forgiveness.

The first one originates from the structure of the driver without any customizable feature.

The second one, vice versa, comes from the adjustable features of a driver. For instance, thanks to moving weights, spreading them farther apart behind a clubface will keep the driver more square throughout the impact, which reduces the level of sidespin.

Adjustable Features

There are two critical variable features that you need to care about.

The first one is the customizable weights, which manage to change ballistic shape and intensify forgiveness. And the second one is customizable hosels that can shift the loft on the clubface to increase height on the ball upon impact.


1. Why Do Beginners Need Specific Golf Drivers?

Each driver is mainly designed for only one purpose. Therefore, with the differences in ball speed, spin, and launch trajectory for every strike among different types of players, they will need a specific driver.

To achieve the highest performance, new golfers need to utilize driver clubs that are easier to use and more appropriate for their current swing speed and precision.

2. Do I Need The Latest Technology?

Of course not. In the old days, novices can still learn how to play golf well, even without any modern technology. Moreover, not all of the latest technologies are intended for beginners.

In conclusion, new features may be very supportive and desirable, but they are not mandatory to have.

3. How Do I Choose The Right Shaft?

In spite of numerous factors in selecting the suitable shaft, you can use the following rule of thumb:

  • If the carry distance is farther than 270 yards, and driver swing speed is higher than 110 mph, use an X flex shaft.
  • If the carry distance is approximately 240 – 270 yards, and driver swing speed is from 95 to 110 mph, go for an S flex shaft.
  • If the carry distance is approximately 200 – 240 yards, and driver swing speed is from 85 to 95 mph, purchase an R flex shaft.
  • If the carry distance is approximately 180 – 200 yards, and driver swing speed is from 75 to 85 mph, look for an A flex shaft.
  • If the carry distance is under 180 yards, and driver swing speed is slower than 75 mph, buy an L flex shaft.

4. How Many Drivers Should I Own?

Although the professional rule limits players to bring up to 14 clubs in their bags, it is enough with just a single driver that you can rely on.

Some advanced players, albeit rare, bring with them two drivers: one is for shot-shaping, and the other one is for optimal distance.

5. How Often Should I Purchase A Driver?

The answer will be different for each individual because it depends on your budget, the change in your playstyle, the development in your skills, the degradation of the driver, and so on.

Nonetheless, each model should have a remarkable upgrade version after two to four years. And this might be an ideal time for you to buy a new driver with the latest technologies.

6. How Do I Know That A Driver Is Intended For Beginners?

As we indicated the criteria of a driver for novices above, you can know whether a product is designed for beginners if it has a great forgiveness level, flexible shaft, and a big club head. This design helps new golfers to begin the game more easily.

7. How far should a beginner hit a driver?

The following chart indicates the distance a novice should hit a driver with each type of club.

Types of club Male Female
Driver 190 yards 138.3 yards
3-wood 174 yards 126 yards
1-iron / 1 Hybrid / 4-wood 163 yards
2-iron / 2 Hybrid / 5-wood 153 yards 115 yards
3-iron / 3 Hybrid / 7-wood 143 yards 105 yards
4-iron / 4 Hybrid / 9-wood 133 yards 97 yards
5-iron / 5 Hybrid / 11-wood 124 yards 88 yards
6-iron 115 yards 80 yards
7-iron 107 yards 72 yards
8-iron 98 yards 63 yards
9-iron 89 yards 55 yards
Pitching wedge (PW) 80 yards 47 yards
Gap wedge (GW) 67 yards 40 yards
Sand wedge (SW) 58 yards 33 yards
Lob wedge (LW) 48 yards 25 yards

8. How far does the average golfer hit a driver?

The below table will show you the distance that an average golfer hits each type of driver. The three numbers in each cell are the average distance of light, medium, and strong shots, respectively.

Types of club Male Female
Driver 200-230-260 yards 150-175-200 yards
3-wood 180-215-235 yards 125-150-180 yards
5-wood 170-195-210 yards 105-135-170 yards
2-iron 170-195-210 yards 105-135-170 yards
3-iron 160-180-200 yards 100-125-160 yards
4-iron 150-170-185 yards 90-120-150 yards
5-iron 140-160-170 yards 80-110-140 yards
6-iron 130-150-160 yards 70-100-130 yards
7-iron 120-140-150 yards 65-90-120 yards
8-iron 110-130-140 yards 60-80-110 yards
9-iron 95-115-130 yards 55-70-95 yards
PW 80-105-120 yards 50-60-80 yards
SW 60-80-100 yards 40-50-60 yards

9. Do anti slice drivers work?

Yes. Although anti slice drivers cannot change your out-to-in swing path, they are able to alleviate the slice spin imparted upon impact.

Some anti-slice models we reviewed above are the Callaway 4B751501R200, TaylorMade M4 D-type B1244507, and Cobra DR FMAX SUPERLITE OS BK RD GR 9.5 RH.

10. Why can’t I hit a golf ball consistently?

You will never be able to hit a golf ball consistently since nobody can repeat the same motion exactly. Sometimes the wind level and direction will affect the trajectory of the golf ball, too.

11. What part of the golf ball should I hit?

According to the long experience of professional players, you had better hit at the back quarter of a golf ball to control its trajectory better and maximize its traveling distance.

12. Do heavier drivers hit the ball farther?

Yes. At the same swing speed, the heavier the object you use to hit the ball, the farther it goes.

13. Where do you look when you hit a golf ball?

Some people often look at the front of the ball while others focus their eyes on the back or the rear of it. But we advise you to observe the entire golfball as a whole.

However, you can try different positions and find out what is more suitable for you.


After picking the best drivers for beginners, novices also need to remember the knowledge that we provided in the FAQ section to improve their skills and enjoy playing golf better.

If you still have any questions about buying a driver, please ask us in the comment.

Now, thanks for reading!

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