PreciseGolf Co. 19 Piece Men’s Golf Club Package Set Review

Are you wondering whether the 19 piece men’s complete golf club package set is good or not?

Do not worry! This set is really a big deal for every golfer!

We have tested this complete set and find out that it has a lot of great features.

Trust us! The set definitely will support you in playing golf at best!

Right below, we explain all the main features of this golf club package.

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19 Piece Men’s Golf Club Package Set

Product Highlights:

  • Increased head speed from Industry-leading aerodynamics.
  • CG is precisely located
  • The faces thinner, lighter, and more robust
  • Tour Pride multi-material proprietary grips
  • Premium V6 (variable control) flex shaft

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Pros & cons


  • Long-lasting items
  • High forgiveness offering
  • High-accuracy strikes support
  • Good feel while hitting
  • The attractive design of the stand bag.
  • Customized length


  • Loose putter head
  • Ease in cracking of driver.
  • Only immediate and advanced players support.

Design and Technology

Normally, manufacturers and provides only care about how to attract most customers to buy their complete golf sets.

Therefore, they usually focus on selling low-price products.

Of course, you get what you pay for! Cheap products are made neither of the highest quality nor with the newest technology.

However, it totally stands on the bright side.

Although the cost of this package is not cheap, it is still affordable for most golfers.

And guess what? The product contains advanced technology and features which only high-end club sets have.

That’s why we always say that it is an incredible deal!

After unboxing the product, we find out that the clubs in it are equipped with high-quality V6 flex graphite shafts (on woods), and rifle steel shafts (on irons).

All clubs contain Tour Pride grips to make sure for its user’s tight holding.

All of these designs and technologies are more than enough for your high-precise strikes!

Do you often get problems with launching the ball?

If yes, you can see it as a big solution for your issue!

While normal sets only have 1 or 2 hybrids, the package offers you 3! With the help of those hybrids, you won’t have to struggle much in order to hit long irons anymore!

As these items are extremely forgiving, they will support you in launching the golf ball as high as possible.

Generally, what the 19 piece men’s complete golf club package set offers you are:

  • 460cc 10.5* Titanium Driver x 1
  • #3 Fairway Wood x 1
  • #3 Hybrid Wood x 1
  • #4 Hybrid Wood x 1
  • #5 Hybrid Wood x 1
  • SW Irons x 6 (6, 7, 8, 9, Pitching Wedge, and Sand Wedge)
  • Mallet Putter x 1
  • Stand Bag x 1
  • Rain Hood x 1
  • Headcovers x 5

Look & Feel

19 Piece Men's Complete Golf Club Package Set with Titanium Driver, 3 Fairway Wood, 3-4-5 Hybrids, 6-SW Irons, Putter… – My Golf World

The set comes along with a beautiful stand bag.

With a combination of light and dark colors – blue and black, the bag will work as a great accessory when you bring it out to the golf field.

Inside the bag, there are places for you to divide and place the clubs in turns from the larges to the smallest.

As mentioned above, these clubs are equipped with the highest technology such as V6 flex graphite and Rifle steel shaft, so that they will look really solid and sturdy.

Honestly, the package appears no different than any other high-end sets!

It is needless to say about the feel while playing this club.

All clubs have Tour Pride grips covered that will give you the clearest feel about accuracy hits.


Now we will look closer to how it performs!

Every item has its own specialty to serve different purposes.

We will explain more clearly about the features of each below:

Titanium Driver

The Titanium driver is best known for giving high forgiveness on off-center strikes.

On the other hand, this driver can also help the club surface resists twisting the ball.

That’s why the item will support you in reducing the loss of distance and enhancing precision.

Fairway Wood

The #3 Fairway Wood functions similarly to the driver does.

In other words, it will optimize the flying trajectory of the golf ball after you make the hits.

The wood’s non-rusting steel head combined with a low kick-point graphite shaft will work to bring the ball into the air with ease.


We have already discussed the features of the hybrids above.

These items offer you the ease of launching golf balls, as they are highly forgiving.


Designed of solid non-rusting steel, the irons will improve the MOI (Moment of Inertia) in order to give strong boosts on off-center strikes.

Also, the low COG (Center of Gravity) that the irons have will support you in achieving high trajectories.

This will help the golf balls land softer to the field.

Value for Money

In our opinion, this 19 men’s set is not a cheap product.

However, the price of the package is not too high that allows most golfers to easily get it.

Don’t value the set just by seeing how much money you pay for it.

In fact, it can do more than you expect.

The high-quality design and latest technology allow the set to function greatly like any other famous expensive products on today’s market.

If you belong to the group of immediate and advanced golfers, this package will be the best choice!

The product is both friendly to your budget and helpful for your play.

3 Alternatives

We have also found out 3 good golf sets that can be great alternatives to the Aspire. Right now, we will share them with you!

#1: Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set

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It is quite bad that it does not support newbie golfers, right?

However, you can refer to this Callaway set. It contains 14 high-quality clubs that serve well both golf starters and experts.

Here are what you receive from the set:

  • 460 cc Driver x 1
  • #3 wood x 1
  • #5 hybrid x 1
  • PW and SW x 1 (each)
  • Putter x 1
  • Irons x 2 (6,9)
  • Stand bag x 1
  • Headcovers x 3

#2: Cobra Golf  Men’s Airspeed Complete Set

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The Cobra Golf set is also a great option if you want your clubs to have good shafts and heads.

The high price of it comes along with high product quality.

This makes the Airspeed complete set ideal for professional players.

The set includes:

  • Offset driver x 1
  • #3 wood x 1
  • #5 wood x 1
  • #4 hybrid x 1
  • #5 hybrid x 1
  • Irons x 4 (6, 7, 8, 9)
  • PW and SW x 1
  • Blade putter
  • Premium bag.

#3: Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set

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The Wilson Golf Profile SGI is a great solution for golfers who want to save their money.

The set contains all the basic clubs with high-quality features to support you greatly on the field.

In detail, when the product arrives, you will receive:

  • 460 cc driver x 1
  • #5 wood
  • #5 hybrid
  • Irons x 4 (6, 7, 8, 9)
  • PW and SW x 1
  • Carry bag
  • Headcovers.


#1: Is this men’s set suitable for left-handed or right-handed golfers?

As the special design offers high-forgiving clubs, the set will work its best if its user is a right-handed player.

#2: What is the shaft flex of the set?

The shaft flex of the Aspire set is built of the latest technology.

Specifically, the woods have V6 flex shafts, and irons have Precision Rifle shafts.

All these shafts will work to enhance accuracy for every of your swing.

#3: What type of grips come on the clubs of the set?

Every club of the Aspire set has Tour Pride grips equipped.

The grips are not slick and contain textures for tight holding.

That’s why when you use it, you will be able to make high-precision hits consistently.

#4: Can you adjust the irons? Can the irons be bent?

The irons can be bent but not adjusted.

However, the shafts of the irons contain a specific amount of flex so that you can not bend them much.

#5: What does the “Tall Size +1 inch”  in the product’s description mean?

As mentioned, the buyer can customize the length of the clubs.

The Tall Size +1 inch here means that you can get a product that is 1 inch longer if you are the type of big and tall people.


That’s all the features of the 19 piece men’s complete golf club package set.

Have you been amazed by the way it performs?

It is true that the product can do more than its affordable price.

In a funny way to say, the set is proof of the fact that you don’t require expensive golf sets to play golf well.

So if you like it, don’t hesitate to buy it! We believe that it will please you at best!

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